Upgrading the Orchestrator firmware

Upgrading the Orchestrator firmware


  1. The Orchestrator, Client, Authenticator, Agent and Gateway must be upgraded separately.
  2. Upgrade your Client to the latest firmware release before upgrading the Orchestrator.
  3. Upgrade the Orchestrator to the latest release before upgrading your Agents and Gateways.

Note: If your Orchestrator is currently running release 0.9.5 or lower, then you must first update to release 0.9.7 before you update to any higher releases.

Step 1: Check the Orchestrator for available updates

Performed by the BlastShield Orchestrator Administrator

Firstly, check the firmware version of your Orchestrator, login to the Orchestrator and click on the Firmware menu on the left-hand menu.

The firmware release of the Orchestrator will be displayed in the status window on the right.

Click the red CHECK FOR UPDATES button.

In this example the Orchestrator is currently running firmware release 1.1.0.

If there are available upgrade options, then they will be displayed as shown below

By clicking on the icon on the right hand side, you can expand the release information as shown below.

Step 2: Download and install the new firmware

Performed by the BlastShield Orchestrator Administrator

To proceed and download the new firmware to the Orchestrator:

If there is more than one release available, then it is recommended to use the latest bug fix version. In this example the latest version is 1.2.2, which we will chose for upgrade.

Then, click on the red DOWNLOAD FIRMWARE button.

The new firmware will download to the Orchestrator.

When the download is finished you will be presented with the options of cancelling the upgrade or rebooting to install the upgrade.

To proceed with the upgrade, then click on the red REBOOT TO UPGRADE button.

Before rebooting, you will be presented with the option to cancel or proceed.

To proceed with the upgrade, choose OK.

The Orchestrator will then reboot and upgrade.

At this point you will be disconnected from the Orchestrator.

After a few seconds you will be able to reconnect to the Orchestrator.

Step 3: Verify the firmware upgrade

Performed by the BlastShield Orchestrator Administrator

Once you have reconnected to the Orchestrator, choose the Firmware menu and view the status of the Orchestrator firmware version.  

The new firmware version will be shown in the status window.

In the is example the new firmware version of 1.2.2 is displayed indicating the Orchestrator has upgraded successfully.

You can now go on to check the firmware versions of your gateways and upgrade them.