Remote User Access - BlastShield™ Authenticator App

Remote User Access - BlastShield™ Authenticator App

BlastShield™ Remote User access is highly secure and convenient. In just a few simple steps your remote users are quickly authenticated and connected to the BlastShield™ network of their choice. Below, you will find a brief demonstration of remote access using the BlastShield™ Mobile Authenticator App.

To connect to BlastShield™ you must have first registered. Click here to read the Quick Start Guide which explains how to register for the first time and how to install the Desktop Client software and the Mobile Authenticator app.

Remote Access Steps

Below are the steps required to access a BlastShield™ network using the BlastShield™ Authenticator App:

  1. Start the BlastShield™ Desktop Application
  2. Select the "Mobile App" Authentication Method
  3. Open the BlastShield™ Mobile App on your mobile Device
  4. Scan the QR Code from your BlastShield™ Mobile App
  5. Select the network you wish to access, and select "OK"
  6. Verify your facial or biometric identity on your mobile device

Note, the BlastShield™ Desktop App must remain running while you are connected to the BlastShield™ network.

To disconnect, either quit the BlastShield™ Desktop App, or Select "Disconnect" from the app.