Firmware Version 1.4 Release Notes

Firmware Version 1.4 Release Notes

BlastShield™ Firmware Release 1.4

Release Date: 6th May 2022

Firmware version 1.4

New Features
  1. Support for external identity managers with SCIM provisioning and OpenID Connect.
  2. Support for running Gateways in Microsoft Azure.

Feature Descriptions

Support for external identity managers

From release 1.4, BlastShield™ is SCIM 2.0 enabled and supports integration with identity providers such as Okta, Azure AD and One Identity.

SCIM support allows user accounts to be automatically created in BlastShield™ when new user accounts are assigned to the SCIM application in the IdP.  User account status and their information are automatically updated in BlastShield™ based on updates in the IdP.  BlastShield supports OpenID Connect to authenticate the SSO of the IdP for the user registration with the Orchestrator.

Once registered, Users will authenticate via MFA with the BlastShield™ Mobile Authenticator app and the Desktop Client.

External identity manager information flow

External identity manager information flow

The user will then login to BlastShield using MFA with the Desktop Client and Mobile authenticator. User profile updates made in the IdP are automatically pushed to BlastShield.

The following updates to user information are currently supported:

  • Username
  • Policy group membership

When user accounts are deleted in the IdP they are removed from the BlastShield™ Orchestrator.  Pushing changes from the Orchestrator to the IdP is not supported.

Support for external identity providers is in the Professional and Enterprise plans.

Support for running gateways in Microsoft Azure

A Gateway may be deployed as an Azure Virtual Machine instance to provide secure, encrypted zero-trust access with micro-segmentation for other VMs running in the Azure Virtual Network.

Support for running the BlastShield™ Gateway in Microsoft Azure is supported in the Enterprise plan.

Upgrade Instructions

New firmware is available for the following BlastShield elements. Please upgrade the applications in order as shown in the list below. The list is hyperlinked to the relevant installation guides, which also contain the firmware download links. Please ensure that you upgrade your Desktop Client before you upgrade your Orchestrator so that you can continue to access the Orchestrator.

  1. Upgrade your desktop client.
  2. Upgrade the firmware of the BlastShield Orchestrator.
  3. Upgrade the firmware of the connected BlastShield Gateways.
  4. Upgrade your BlastShield™ Agents.