About the BlastShield™ Agent

About the BlastShield™ Agent

This document contains general information about the BlastShield™ Agent. To learn more about creating and managing Agents, click here.

What is a BlastShield™ Agent?

The BlastShield™ Agent is an application installed on your server which enables secure peer-to-peer access from the BlastShield™ protected network.

The BlastShield™ Agent may be installed on a server which you want to protect with the BlastShield™ Software Defined VPN or with BlastShield™ Invisible.  Access to that server is then secured in the BlastShield™ encrypted mesh.  To connect to the server a user must join the BlastShield™ network using our multi-factor password-less remote authentication, the same secure method used for connecting to a BlastShield Gateway. To learn about BlastShield secure remote access, click here.

The BlastShield™ SD-VPN is a simple, secure VPN alternative that works out of the box.  It is a cloud-managed solution and may be set up in minutes, requiring no configuration.  The technology is immune to VPN exploits and it deploys over any existing network.  

To learn how to install the BlastShield™ Agent on a server, click here.