About Remote User Access

About Remote User Access

BlastShield™ Remote User access is highly secure and convenient. In just a few simple steps your remote users are quickly authenticated and connected to the BlastShield™ network of their choice. Below, you will find basic information about remote users, and remote user access into a BlastShield™ network.

BlastShield™ Remote Access Methods

Once a new remote user has been added to the BlastShield™ network they will perform a one-time registration, and can then access the network as often as they wish. Remote access into a BlastShield™ network leverages a highly secure three-surface password-less authentication process, and can be accomplished by one of two methods:

Accessing the network using your  BlastShield™ Authenticator App:

Remote users can use the  BlastShield™ Authenticator Mobile App combined with the the BlastShield™ Desktop App to quickly access the network. Learn how to access the network using the BlastShield Authenticator app here

Accessing the network using your FIDO2 Key:

Remote users can use their FIDO2 Compliant key, and the BlastShield™ Desktop App to quickly access the network. Steps for FIDO2 Key Remote access can be found here.

Remote User Basics

Below are a few basics to remember when managing remote users.

  • Remote users cannot access a BlastShield™ network unless they have been added from within the Orchestrator
  • By default, remote users are not associated with any Group. In order to access protected assets they must be added to a group and policy.
  • Which protected assets a user may connect to depends on the policy configured for that user in the Orchestrator.  

Note for new users

  • If you are new to BlastShield and you have just signed up for a BlastShield account, then please check your inbox for the welcome email which contains your invitation BSI file.  Please refer to the Quick Start Guide to learn how to register for the first time.